See The System

Take a look at some stunning examples of clients

wearing the Precise Nail System!

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Full-Length Nails
These sets of Precise Nails have been left long - lightly buffing any sharp edges or gently shaping
to the client's preference!
Precise Nails make it easy to apply safe,
natural-looking nail enhancements - taking only half the time of traditional enhancements!
Short Nails
Short nails are simple to achieve with Precise
Nails - gently clip the nails to length, then file
softly with our unique Precise File to shape!
Short nails are still just as strong and long-lasting
as full-length nails, with no risk of looking
bulbous or too thick! See for yourself!


The Natural Look
Letting the natural nail shine underneath the Precise Nails - these nails are all highlighting the natural beauty of a healthy nailbed!
Because the Precise Nails are made with a clear, pure thermoplastic, this look is simple. 
Take a peek!

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Any views expressed regarding traditional nail enhancements by clients and individual nail technicians are the personal opinions of the individual and not Precise Nail Company. Precise Nail Company promotes the Precise Nail System as an alternative to traditional nail enhancements only.