"I started using the system 2 months ago. I wore acrylic until that time. I have had no issues with them staying on. The fit is amazing. I will not go back to any other enhancement. They are so quick and easy to apply. I cannot say enough about these nails."

- Cindi (Nail Tech)

"The Precise Nail System is an amazing system that saved my nail tech career. Fresh from beauty school, I struggled with acrylic system, I couldn't keep customers and couldn't build up my clientele since there is a great demand for artificial nails in my area. I brought the Precise Nail System to my salon in November 2015. For about a year I did over 500 sets and my revenue doubled. My customers adore Precise Nails. I converted avid clients who had acrylic nails for many years (some of them for more than 20 years) to this system. My customers say that Precise Nails look like their natural nails. More importantly - they don't damage clients' nails!"

- Tanya (Nail Tech)

"I started 12 years ago because I was allergic to acrylic. After that, all my customers use the Precise Nail System! Never again anything else!"

- Renee (Nail Tech)

"I love my Precise Nails. Started with them 2 months ago and my nails were so damaged from wearing acrylics for about 20 years. My nails are healing nicely and they are about half way through the healing process. The precise nail system makes me feel like I am not even wearing nails. They are so light and they feel like my own. I will NEVER, EVER go back to acrylic nails."

- Amy (Nail Tech)

"My nails were so badly damaged with acrylics, but after having Precise Nails applied a few times, my nails came back healthier and stronger!"

- Linda (Client)

"I am currently enjoying my second set of Precise Nails and I LOVE them! I get numerous compliments on them all the time; people think they are my own! They are even better! The polish doesn't chip and they always look stunning! My tech is AMAZING! I highly recommend that everyone try these superior nails! You will love them!"

- Tami (Client)

"I had a set of Precise Nails applied before Easter - I LOVED how good they looked! Then for my high school gym class, we went rock climbing. The instructor took one look at my gorgeous nails and said: 'Are those fake? Don't count on those staying on while you're climbing!' Well, on my way up the cliff I actually ended up USING my nails to grab onto the rocks! I came down waving my hand in the instructor's face - I still had all 10 nails and barely a scratch!"

- Jayne (Client)

"I would describe the nails as amazing! Extremely durable, fantastic fit - not to mention the extraordinary compliments you receive.
I've been wearing Precise Nails for 5 years, and I would never return to acrylics."

- Barbara (Client)

"I finally "converted" to the Precise Nail System a few years ago, and it is one of my best decisions - ever! Yes, I too resisted at first as it was 'change' and I didn't understand. I kept going back to the same old shop for the same old, thick acrylic nails. I would cringe each time, wondering which intense pain I would endure ... the Dremel, the torture of ripping an old set from my nail bed, the chemicals burning into my damaged nails and skin... But... the Precise Nail System saved me!! They are safe (no dremel and horrible chemicals), easy to apply and SAFELY remove (without ripping my fingers apart) and oh, so beautiful, natural and THIN. Each day I admire how beautiful they are, right up to my next appointment when I get a brand new set - with NO PAIN. My nails are so healthy once again, and I would never switch back."

- Sherry (Client)

"I started using Precise Nails in 2010 because I wanted an alternative to acrylics. No smell, no damage and much less time! What makes this system so great is the comfort you feel after having them applied - no pinching! They are extremely functional, great for people trying to grow their nails, or recover from damage from other types of nails. I just moved to a new salon and ordered a starter kit to get back on track with them. I personally will never wear anything else - I believe in them that much!"

- Kate (Nail Tech)

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Any views expressed regarding traditional nail enhancements by clients and individual nail technicians are the personal opinions of the individual and not Precise Nail Company. Precise Nail Company promotes the Precise Nail System as an alternative to traditional nail enhancements only.